SAP Support Latin America

For emergency situations, we can provide you with a local service manager to support you at short notice in implementing new legal regulations – in the local language and within the normal local working hours.

Nightmare scenario averted!

When new changes in the law paralyse tax-relevant processes in your SAP system, and in the worst case also your entire production, you need to act fast – and with clear communication.

We act for you as a local partner

The mere identification of a problem in Latin America is often linked with linguistic and cultural hurdles. With our local 2nd and 3rd-level support packages we can overcome these and build trust between the local employees and their European colleagues.

Project preparation

We conclude a support contract that matches the global support landscape of our client.

Fit-gap analysis

Current problems are discussed by telephone, e-mail, ticket system or direct exchange with our service manager directly on site.


We analyse the current challenges and classify them as 2nd or 3rd level.


Current tickets are processed and transport coordinated with our client’s global team.

Continuous improvement

We provide a SLA analysis each month and identify opportunities for further improvements to the system, and inform you proactively of impending changes.

This is what ortevo stands for as your support partner.


Experience indicates that problems can be identified and solved more efficiently by our local service managers.


To prevent misunderstandings, all our service managers speak the language of the country.


In acute situations, every minute counts. Clear SLAs allow the results and the support performance to be measured.

Technical know-how

Not only do we know how to identify problems, but we can also solve them in technical terms straight away.


As the mediator between Latin America and Europe, our service managers build trust on both sides.


A smoothly-running support service ensures satisfaction for SAP users locally and to their long-term success.

When problems occur unexpectedly, trust
our local experts based in Latin America.

If problems cannot be quickly solved at a non-European location, this both costs money and damages trust. With our locally-based service managers, we spare you this nightmare scenario.