Global Trade Mexico (Maquila)

The maquila model allows special assembly plant in Latin America to import raw materials for processing free of customs charges. The tax obligations associated with ‘Maquiladora’ certification are monitored strictly.

Particular challenges for IT

At the start of a maquila project, the form in which the maquila model should be used is often not fully defined: that of the production facility of a US company, or alternatively, contract production as a service?

We protect you from surprises during your SAP rollout

To prevent your IT department coming under pressure, we clarify the requirements of your SAP system with you in a maquiladora workshop and coordinate with the specialist departments and external tax advisors.

Project preparation

Project planning together with the client or their global SAP partner. Creation of project charter, project organisation and a communication plan.

Fit-gap analysis

The ortevo team observes the requirements of the client’s global template, but also the maquila processes that are to be implemented.


ortevo and the client jointly develop the new architecture of the SAP solution, taking the maquila requirements into account. Further global trade systems are also included in the design.

Evaluation and solution proposal

The maquila processes are configured in the SAP system and the global trade system and tested. Key users are trained and preparations made for the cutover.

User acceptance test training and go-live

Once the users are trained, we go through the user acceptance test once again and preparations are made for the cutover to production. This is followed by the go-live and handover to support.

This is what ortevo stands for as your maquila partner.


To prevent infringements, we assist from an early stage with the system-based implementation of the requirements.


Our senior consultants have an average of over 20 years of experience in rolling out SAP solutions.


Thanks to our specialising in the Latin American market, we know the particularities of maquila in detail.


We present the various maquila approaches and their legal requirements.

Practical orientation

In our maquila workshop we show you what is most important in the form of best practices and case studies.


By integrating IT, specialist departments and external tax advisors, we ensure a shared understanding.

For your maquila project, take advantage
of support from the Latin America experts!

By clarifying with you at an early stage what effect the maquila model will have on your SAP system and by supporting you during the system implementation, we protect you from nasty surprises during the rollout.