ortevo Case 1: SAP S/4 HANA rollout, Brazil

The company, a food additives manufacturer, began a S/4 SAP rollout in Brazil in 2021 and was looking for a partner for the localisation alone of the system. This was achieved by integrating the existing cbs e-invoicing solution, parts of the tax reporting were introduced into SAP ACR and a connection was created to the Thomson Reuters tax reporting solution. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Initial situation

It was intended that the SAP introduction would occur as closely as possible to the template of the SAP S/4 reference system used worldwide by the client. Existing solutions such as cbs E-Invoice World Cloud would be integrated and additional solutions considered for local requirements.

The ortevo solution approach

ortevo was commissioned as the localisation partner. Together with the client’s SAP consultancy firm, all processes were implemented with localisation from the gap analysis to realisation.

To meet the tax reporting and e-invoicing requirements, various components were used. For parts of the tax reporting (SPED), SAP ACR was introduced For other reports, an interface was created to our partner Thomson Reuters. ortevo also implemented the link from the SD to the cbs e-invoicing solution.


The project went live on 1 January 2022 as planned and within the proposed budget. Thanks to the flexible, customer-centred approach, a solution was created that combines the requirements of the global system with special solutions for local obligations (cbs; Thomson Reuters) and the innovations of SAP (ACR).