ortevo partnerships

Tax legislation and the requirements of electronic invoicing in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are highly complex. We have specialised in exactly this area and offer you tailored solutions for SAP integration for your location in Latin America.

Highest flexibility, as close to the standard as possible

We do not believe in pre-defined ‘best practice’ solutions with a one-size-fits-all approach – and especially not when it comes to Latin America and its constant state of change. We therefore keep a number of options available in our repertoire for complying with the local regulatory requirements. 

Accordingly, all long-term partnerships begin for us with an intensive discussion: What are your strategic objectives? What technical framework conditions have to be considered? And what are the local conditions like?

Then we work with you to find the most economical and functional solution. We do this both on the basis of the broad SAP product portfolio and also using our own developments and by integrating specialist partners. The motto, however, is usually: Template First!


Since the late 1990s most of our consultants have worked with SAP and support companies of all sizes and industries in meeting local requirements. SAP is therefore not merely a partner to ortevo GmbH but an important companion in the professional careers of our experts. Since our consultants have followed the development of the SAP solutions for more than 20 years, we are able to implement custom solutions in our clients’ interests that are technically the state of the art and that meet individual requirements.


Latin America is characterised by highly complex and volatile tax legislation. It can therefore be helpful to have parts of the tax report prepared by third-party providers. In some countries, such as Brazil, certain tax reports can only be covered directly via the SAP system with an extremely high outlay on customising.

We therefore work closely with Thomson Reuters for tax reporting. With ONESOURCE, Thomson Reuters offers a platform for all your company’s fiscal processes. As one of few international providers, Thomson Reuters also covers all the reports required in Brazil, and thus one of the most complicated tax systems in the world, through ONESOURCE.

We work not only closely with Thomson Reuters but also with specialists for implementing the software. This ensures a smooth and stress-free integration with our clients’ SAP systems.


ortevo sees itself as a bridge-builder between Europe and Latin America in the interests of its clients. For over 100 years, LAV – Association for Latin America (Lateinamerika Verein) has been the first port of call for value-creating networking among persons, institutions and companies interested in Latin America. Through regular events and webinars, LAV informs its members of all relevant aspects of business activity in Latin America.


EDICOM is one of the leading companies to specialise in electronic data exchange (B2B transactions, B2B and B2G e-invoicing, tax legislation compliance).  With more than 25 years of experience, our cloud solutions enable the exchange of more than 500 million transactions per year thanks to a robust SaaS-based infrastructure with guaranteed high availability and 24/7 monitoring.

ortevo has entered a partnership with EDICOM in order to be able to offer SAP clients an additional option for the implementation of e-invoicing solutions in Latin America and Europe. Thanks to this solution we are in a position to realise very simple integration with any SAP system via IDOC. The advantage: Your SAP system is not required to handle most of the frequent changes in the law, since these are implemented by EDICOM for its more than 17,000 clients. Precious internal SAP resources are thus spared and the need for external consulting is minimised. EDICOM is – like ortevo – highly specialised. Since e-invoicing is a core business activity for EDICOM, its clients can count on it to implement legal requirements in good time.

In combination with the ortevo connector, a solution is obtained that is requires little maintenance, is stable and economically attractive.


With our partner CONSILIO, we can offer our clients consulting services in the digitalization and automation of company-wide business processes, with the goal of improving their competitiveness through the effective and efficient use of standard software. The focus here is on process analysis, process design, value stream analysis, material flow analysis from classical consulting in the supply chain management environment, through the S/4HANA transformation, to permanent system monitoring and support.

Profit from our specialisation in Latin America and the immense wealth of experience of our consultants!

There is no ‘one’ solution for Latin America. In the end, what counts is that the solution matches the requirements for your company and that it can respond flexibly to the volatile legislation of the region. As your partner, we will support you in your selection and the implementation.