Your SAP partner for Peru

In Peru, as in most Latin American countries, e-invoicing requires an active connection with the fiscal authorities. A large number of tax reports must also be prepared.

The Pago Electronicos (CPE) e-invoicing system has been introduced by the fiscal authority SUNAT in four stages since 2014. The first groups to be addressed by this requirement were mostly medium-sized and large companies, known as Principals Contribuyentes (PRICO). In 2017 the obligation was extended to all taxpayers. Since March 2019 it has been obligatory to transmit the data via an operator of electronic services (OSE).

Challenge 1

For the SAP rollout in Peru, local human resources are required who have know-how of the legal requirements, extensive SAP knowledge and communication skills for working in international teams. 

Challenge 2

Coordination with the headquarters and compliance with the templates have the highest priority. We can clarify what has to be changed and what does not.

Challenge 3

There are various different ways of meeting the local legal requirements for e-invoicing and e-accounting. We know the current solutions, from a fully-integrated SAP solution to the use of specialised providers.

Challenge 4

Our customers expect planning and budget security, and we deliver. Numerous successful SAP projects in Latin America and our consultants’ more than 25 years of SAP experience are the guarantee.

ortevo Peru specialisation

As in all Latin American countries, special and sometimes highly complex legal regulations must be followed. The implementation of this requires specific know-how. Whether it is a rollout, a localisation or a S/4 migration, we provide the correct solution. Thanks to our developments and our cooperation with selected partners, our solutions dover both e-invoicing and tax reporting. For a SAP rollout to Peru, ortevo offers everything from a single source.