Your SAP partner for Mexico

The requirements in Mexico are challenging as a result of the e-invoicing and e-accounting requirements and the complexity of the fiscal system. On top of this come language barriers and cultural differences.

Since 2014, companies in Mexico have been required to use the CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital a través de Internet) electronic invoicing system. The invoicing procedure itself is not performed by the state but rather by certified third-party companies, the PACs (Proveedor Autorizo da Certificación). This also means that even with a fully-integrated SAP-based solution, the link to the fiscal authority SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) does not occur directly but rather via a PAC.

With our standardised approach, we reconcile local demands with global standardisation.

Challenge 1

For the SAP rollout in Mexico, local human resources are required who have know-how of the legal requirements, extensive SAP knowledge and communication skills for working in international teams.

Challenge 2

In Mexican e-invoicing, the data is transferred via a certified provider, the PAC. ortevo provides solutions for this from a single source.

Challenge 3

Not only e-invoicing but also electronic accounting (e-accounting) are mandatory in Mexico. ortevo images both requirements in the SAP system and with selected partners.

Challenge 4

Our customers expect planning and budget security, and we deliver. Numerous successful SAP projects in Latin America and our consultants’ more than 25 years of SAP experience are the guarantee.

ortevo Mexico specialisation

The implementation of local requirements in Mexico calls for specific know-how. Whether it is a rollout, a localisation or a S/4 migration, we provide the correct solution. Thanks to our developments and our cooperation with selected partners, our solutions cover both e-invoicing and e-accounting, and also the special requirements of a maquiladora. For a SAP rollout to Mexico, ortevo offers everything from a single source.