System localisation

Purely implementing the relevant country version of SAP, by itself, has long ceased to cover all of the special requirements of that country. We take on adapting your SAP system to the (tax) law regulations that apply where you are based.

Profit from our specialisation

During their decades of activity, our senior consultants have gathered a wide body of experience in localisation specific to and for Latin America. The result is a series of best practices that you can now profit from in your project.

We prepare your system for Latin America

No template can cover the requirements of a country with 100% completeness. Instead of this, we draw on a combination of best practices and individual fit-gap analyses. We abide at all times by the ‘Template First’ principle, i.e. a clear commitment to the standard of the client.

Project preparation

Project planning together with the client or their global SAP partner. Creation of project charter, project organisation and a communication plan.

Fit-gap analysis

The ortevo team familiarises itself with the global template and the requirements of the client’s local entity in the respective country. The gaps are documented and confirmed by the steering committee.


The target processes are documented together with the template and the local requirements as a blueprint. Interfaces to other systems and solutions are described in detail and authorised for development.


In the realisation stage, the localisation is configured and tested with the entire process. This is followed by integration tests including interfaces and training. Preparations are made for going live.

User acceptance test training and go-live

Once the users are trained and after the user acceptance test, the cutover takes place to production. This is followed by the go-live and handover to support.

This is what ortevo stands for as your localisation partner.


For many years we have supported exclusively projects for and in Latin America and know what matters the most.

Best practices

Our senior consultants are based locally and in some cases in Europe and can draw on decades of experience and trusted best practices.


We regard an individual fit-gap analysis as a basic foundation for the localisation of your SAP system.

‘Template First’

We only make modifications to the global template where this is technically necessary or desired.


To ensure that your rollout in Latin America is a success, we integrate the local workforce at an early stage.


We show you the advantages and disadvantages of different technical solutions and demonstrate them; you make the decision.

Let the experts localise your SAP system
for and in Latin America!

With us as your specialist partner, you can be sure that all requirements are reliably defined. Thanks to our approach, all involved parties, be they in the IT or other specialist departments, on site in Latin America or in Europe, quickly gain a shared understanding.