SAP Rollout & S/4 HANA Migrations

Owing to their complexity, rollouts of SAP systems to Latin America are often left to the end of the roadmap. We are specialists in these challenges and support you in the implementation as an experienced partner.

We know the challenges

Our consultants have an average of 18 years of SAP rollout experience with multinational corporations, mostly on the client side. We therefore know your perspective and the needs associated with these processes in detail.

Your companion throughout the rollout process

Your requirements determine our approach. We therefore either implement the entire rollout in accordance with your requirements or assist your global SAP partner in localising your system. To enable this we offer both standard SAP solutions and solutions from specialist partners.

Project preparation

Project planning together with the client or their global SAP partner. Creation of project charter, project organisation and a communication plan.

Fit-gap analysis

The ortevo team familiarises itself with the global template and the requirements of the client’s local entity in the respective country. The gaps are documented and confirmed by the steering committee.


The target processes are documented together with the template and the local requirements as a blueprint. Interfaces to other systems and solutions are described in detail and authorised for development.


In the realisation stage, the localisation is configured and tested with the entire process. This is followed by integration tests including interfaces and training. Preparations are made for going live.

User acceptance test training and go-live

Once the users are trained and after the user acceptance test, the cutover takes place to production. This is followed by the go-live and handover to support.

This is what ortevo stands for as your rollout partner.


We bring many years of experience and resources to the Latin American countries involved.


Our motto is ‘Template First’ – in other words, we are committed to your global template and the standard.


Changes are only made to the template in justified cases and with your consent.

Intercultural dexterity

Language, culture and communication are critical for success, which is why we are there for you both in Europe and locally.


We have a range of solution approaches available for compliance with the local requirements.

Long-term service

We offer long-term support to ensure that the systems are always fully up-to-date.

For your SAP rollout, take advantage
of the experts for Latin America!

Experience, communication and diligent change management are the most important factors for the success of your project. We are there for you as your specialist partner wherever you are – in Europe, Mexico or Brazil.