ortevo Case 2: SAP ECC Rollout Mexico

The company, in the automotive sector, opened a component plant in Saltillo in 2020. The new Saltillo plant created production space for current and future contracts in the NAFTA market For the rollouts of the SAP ECC system, the company was looking for a partner for localisation and the rollout itself.

Initial situation

It was intended that the SAP introduction in Mexico would occur as closely as possible to the template of the SAP reference system used worldwide by the client. It was necessary to implement all applicable legal requirements for the region in the system.

The ortevo solution approach

ortevo was commissioned as the partner for the rollout and the accompanying localisation. Together with the client’s SAP team, all processes were implemented with localisation from the gap analysis to realisation. For e-invoicing (CFDI), ortevo Connector and Edicom were used. While the project was in progress, the decision was taken to adopt the maquila model for the site, which resulted in significant changes in some of the legal requirements. To complicate things further, the ‘hot’ phase of the project took place when the pandemic was at its height in Mexico (April 2020).


Despite the change in scope and the pandemic, the project was completed on time and on budget. Thanks to our specialisation, we were able to respond flexibly to the new situation (maquila) and thanks to the language abilities of our consultants, coordination with both Germany and the local staff ran seamlessly.