Tax Reporting Brazil

The requirements on tax reporting are higher in Brazil than in any other country in the world. There are various approaches for complying with them.

A global trend has been observed in recent years towards continuous fiscal monitoring of business transactions. The Latin American states have been pioneers in the digitisation of fiscal control and accounting. The reason for this was, on the one hand, an enormous level of tax evasion in some cases, and on the other, the higher relevance and heterogeneity of taxes.

In many respects Brazil is the most complex country of all. According to the World Bank, in no other country of the world do companies have to spend so much time on their tax declarations as in Brazil; in 2019 this was an average of 1501 hours. By comparison, the average time required in Germany in the same year was 218 hours.


In its consulting activities, ortevo takes an agnostic approach. We work out together with our client the method that is best suited to the needs of the central IT system, the budget and the requirements of the location in Latin America.  


Contact us if you are considering various different solutions for your Latin American locations in the course of the S/-Transformation.


SAP DCR - Document and Compliance Reporting

SAP is ideally suited for visualising material flow and financial reporting in the long term and with full integration. For this reason it is evident that SAP will extend the solutions for e-invoicing and tax reporting on an ongoing basis.

With the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance service, the electronic documents of various types of reporting will be brought together in a central dashboard in future.

Companies can opt for different approaches in order to comply with the legal requirements. For tax reporting, Advanced Compliance Reporting (SAP ACR) provides a global solution. You should however check for each country whether ACR covers all the significant reports. In Brazil, the majority of the federal tax reports can be prepared using SAP ACR. For district and city reports, however, additional solutions are still required.

Our agnostic approach on a stable foundation

When selecting the tax reporting solution, we use two decisive criteria: the solution must work, and it must meet your requirements. We support you in the selection process, develop a recommendation and will work with you and our partners to implement the solution. We can implement both the latest SAP solutions and trusted solutions from third-party providers.
Irrespective of the third party provider you add for tax reporting, thanks to the decades of experience of our consultants, we can guarantee that the Brazilian tax calculation is set up correctly via the SAP Brazilian Tax Calculation Scheme (TAXBRA).

Strong partners – dependable implementation

A large number of possible SaaS services are available for tax reporting. For closer cooperation we have chosen Thomson Reuters  as the undisputed market leader in the Brazilian market. With 2220 employees in Brazil and a focus on tax reporting,  Thomson Reuters reliably implements the common legal changes for thousands of clients. In addition, our consultants know the implementation partners of Thomson Reuters from intensive cooperation with them. You thus have everything from the same source and can depend on well-coordinated teams and trusted solutions.

This is what ortevo stands for as your tax reporting partner.


Our senior consultants have an average of over 20 years of experience in implementing SAP solutions.

Practical experience

We specialise in the Latin American market and know the particular local conditions.


Our cooperation with the top local providers and their approaches has proven its value many times.


Maximum standard or maximum security? We also implement solutions away from the standard SAP tools.


We consider every question together with you and define the right solution for you.


What matters to us is not how you reach your tax calculation result, but that it is right!

Let the experts get your SAP system
in shape for tax reporting for and in Brazil!

We show you the advantages and disadvantages of the various possibilities and help you both to select and to implement the solution that is best for you. We can also present our ortevo Connector live.