Tax Terms Peru

Boleta de Venta Electrónica:e-Invoice

Comunicación de Baja: Report of Cancellation

CPE (Comprobantes de Pago Electrónicos): Electronic payment receipts

Freihandelsabkommen EU: Since June 2012 there is a free trade agreement in place between the EU, Peru, and Columbia. Despite the full liberalization of trade with agricultural and industrial goods the agreement contains regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property, investments, competition, and environmental protection.

Guía de Remissión: Bill of Landing

Guía de transportista: Document needed if using third-party transit

IGV, Impuesto General a las Ventas: VAT (or withholding tax), standard rate 16%

IPM, Impuesto de Promoción Municipal: Municipal taxt hat is connected with the IGV, standard rate 2%

IR, Impuesto a la Renta: Income tax, withholding tax on revenues including services

ISC, Impuesto Selectivo al Consumo: Additional VAT für specific goods

Legislative Decree 1352: Expansion of scope and sanctions of the Law 30424 on the responsibility of legal persons in actively committing acts of transnational bribery

PRICO (Principal Contribuyentes Nacionales): Large and medium-sized organizations as classified by SUNAT for whom e-Invoicing is mandatory

Proceso de Homologacion: Certification ( 25 day testing phase) for implementing the e-Invoicing process

Régimen de Percepciones del IGV: Advance payment of the withholding tax

Régimen de Retenciones IGV: Retention of the withholding tax 201-2003, professional services

Resolucion de intendencia (R.I.): Validation of successful completion of the e-Invoicing test phase 

RUC Number: Tax ID for natural and judicial persons

SUNAT: Peruvian tax authority responsible for e-Invoicing