Tax Terms Ecuador

Executive Decree against Money Laundering: Executive Decree Nr. 1331 from February 23th, 2017, including general regulations to prevent, detect and eradicate money laundering and financial crimes. Furthermore, the relationship between the respective parties and the FIU (Financial and Economic Analysis Unit) is outlined.

Facturador electrónico gratuito de comprobantes electrónicos: Tool of the tax authority to send the e-Invoice number

FIU: Financial and Economic Analysis Unit

Impuesto al Valor Agregado IVA: VAT, 0% and 12%

Impuesto a los Consumos Especiales ICE: Consumer tax, goods and services are seperated into different groups

Retención de Impuestos: Tax retention/withholding tax, varying rates for companies of 30%,70& and 100%

RUC Number: Tax ID for natural and judicial persons

RIDE: Printed version of e-Invoice number

Sri: Tax authority