Roadmap to Success

At the beginning, there will be a  workshop about country-specific regulations and technical challenges as well as a professional exchange about your existing ERP situation. All participating parties are involved in a  goal and requirement analysis, where different perspectives within the Company are taken into account. Our customers’ experience shows that otherwise, the risk arises that certain aspects are excessively highlighted or forgotten, causing you to lose sight of the company’s overall interests.

TThere is little point in an error-free technical implementation in the SAP system if there is no consistent understanding of processes and priorities between Latin American subsidiaries and the parent ccompany.

Therefore precise analysis of business operations is carried out at the beginning. For this purpose, we create a matrix using the business transactions carried out so far. This forms a precise requirement profi le for the respective needs which arise from the combination of local regulations and the type of business operations. To achieve this, we closely inspect your ERP solution or your local accounts department, check the localization with the aid of your business transactions, and determine the quality of your data. Based on this analysis, we work with the departments to identify your individual requirements and develop a roadmap which focuses on the resource availability and strategy of your business.

The aim of our work is to achieve smooth functionality within your SAP system, minimize transaction costs, and ensure transparent planning and implementation. We thereby cover all important steps including the inspection of master data, the analysis of compliance requirements, the use of our special  LATAM template, and the training of your key users in the local language. After the  technical implementation and successful ‘go-live’, we keep your system fully up to date as part of our  “after go-live support” and ensure an error-free implementation of country-specific regulations.

Alongside our understanding of the regulations and our technical expertise, you will primarily benefi t from our knowledge regarding cultural differences. Your personal contact in the Latin American countries plays a significant role. If you manage to develop a cooperative relationship between everyone involved in a project, you will increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the project. To achieve this, you require not only knowledge of the local language, but also an understanding of the local working culture. For example, you cannot assume that every employee in Latin America will have mastered business-fluent English.
We can support you throughout the entire project cycle during internal coordination processes in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and English, and are available as your contact for all fi scal, regulatory, and technical questions.