Colombia: penalties for companies not complying with e-Invoicing requirements

Companies residing in Colombia that are non-compliant with the e-Invoicing requirement starting January 1st, 2019 are facing the following penalties  .

A financial penalty of 15.000 UVT (1 UVT =$33.156 COP) pending on the following criteria:

  • 5% of the sum of the issued „facturas electronicas“, whose information have not been submitted
  • 4% of the sum of the issued „facturas electronicas“, whose information have been submitted erroneously
  • 3% of the sum of the issued „facturas electronicas“, that have not been submitted in the designated time period


If it is not possible to detect the sum of the penalty or the information have no corresponding value, the penalty will be defined as 0,5% of the net value. If there is no income, 0,5% of the gross assets of the previous year will be fined. Alternatively, the last income tax report or last income and asset declaration will be used as a base for calculation.


Penalty Reductions

Companies that voluntarily correct breaches before receiving any notice from the tax authorities can get their penalty reduced to 20%.

The penalty can be reduced to 50% if the offense has been corrected before the penalty has been defined.

The penalty is reduced to 70% if the offense is corrected within 2 months after a company receives notice regarding the breach.

Corrections of the tax information before the submission deadline are not sanctioned.