Colombia: e-Invoicing Deadline

September 1st:  e-Invoicing Deadline for large taxpayers in Colombia!

Until January 1st 2019 all VAT-registered companies have to implement the new e-Invoicing system  for all transactions that have previously been conducted through paper invoices.

However, large taxpayers as defined by DIAN have to fulfill the new obligation already from September 1st 2018 – unless they have applied for  an extension based on technical issues. In that case, their deadline is December 1st 2018.

Companies that have already implemented the e-Invoicing process had to adapt to the new implementation rules until June 30. DIAN allows for a three month testing period prior to the mandatory usage of e-Invoicing.

Companies need to be aware of the following implementation details:

  • 48h period for companies to send the e-invoice to both the customer and to the DIAN e—signature needs to be included which can generated either by the company itself (if approved by DIAN) or using a third party service provider
  • E-Invoicing rules are applicable to issuing, receiving and acknowledging the receipt of e-invoices (XML format required)
  • E-invoicing underlies a consecutive numbering system authorized by the DIAN through an unique code
  • Compliance rules also apply to internal invoicing systems