Brazil: Technical Note brings changes in version 2.5 of eSocial

With the recently published Technical Note 14/2019 some adjustments to the tables are made for the layout of the eSocial report. The following events are affected by changes:


Event Functional Changes Implementation starting
S-1000 Requests the employer’s statement to ME, EPP, etc. to gain access to the simplified module. June 26, 2019
S-1200 Increase of the maximum number of bank statement information for amounts owed to the employee.

Ambiguity has been removed from group conditions.

Typos in filling in the date were blocked in this field.

June 26, 2019






S-1250 Increasing the maximum amount of information from rural producers from whom the taxpayer purchased the products. June 26, 2019
S-2200 und S-2206 Prevents that for a category other than [103] a group can be created (just forapprentices). June 26, 2019
S-2299 und S-2300 Typos in filling in the date were blocked in this field. immediately
S-2399 Field becomes optional which required new information for events with date of occurrence in previous versions. June 26, 2019
S-5003 Adjustment in the determination of the final calculation if the 10th day after the expiration is not a working day. June 26, 2019
Tabelle 11 Allows the notary’s original registration statement with category code [309]. immediatly
REGRA_CARACTER_ SPECIAL Restricts the use of special characters in fields that are event identification keys to avoid differences between the databases of the participating units. June 26, 2019


These regulatory changes could affect your business with view to customizing or support of your ERP/SAP system. Please contact us to learn about possible necessary reactions to the changes – we are happy to assist you!