Brazil: RFB creates online Power of Attorney signature

The Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) started to offer to the taxpayer, on the e-CAC Portal, the RFB Proxy service with a notarized signature through the Dossiê Digital de Atendimento (DDA). The measure aims to reduce face-to-face service by about 25%, by allowing virtual service request. In this type of grant, only the attorney-in-fact must have a digital certificate.


How can the service be used?

The RFB Power of Attorney service, through DDA, will have the following procedural options:

  • The taxpayer issues the RFB Proxy from an application available on the RFB website and recognizes a notarized signature
  • The taxpayer accesses the e-CAC, opens the digital service dossier and requests the RFB Proxy together for validation, and the guidelines published in the Executive Declaratory Act (ADE) Cogea nº 4, of July 31, must be observed.
  • The RFB service servers validate the RFB Proxy in the Procurement system, in two stages, given the criteria of documentary integrity, by comparing the information contained in the RFB Proxy presented with the Proxy system, and legitimacy of the signatory, by verifying the authenticity of the notary seal with notarization.

The RFB Power of Attorney is a document that is originally electronic, issued exclusively from an application available on the Revenue website.


Why has this service been created?

In 2019, the RFB Power of Attorney delivery was one of the most demanded services in the face-to-face service units, totaling 729,209 registered deliveries. As the procedure goes through two validation stages, if the second stage is added, the numbers go up to 1.221 million services rendered, that is, 8.9% of the total attendances registered in the country.

The availability of the RFB Power of Attorney delivery through the e-CAC Portal, using the access code or the single login, facilitates the delivery of the demand for the service as it frees the taxpayer from attending an on-site unit service.

Also, this new service is part of Brazil`s new Digital Government Strategy. The initiative is organized in principles, objectives and actions that will guide the transformation of the government through the use of digital technologies, with the promotion of the effectiveness of policies and the quality of public services and with the ultimate goal of regaining the confidence of Brazilians.


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