Brazil: Receita Federal introduces “Digital Cloud Certification”

What is the Digital Cloud Certification?

The Brazilian Federal Revenue (RFB), in line with market trends and the needs of citizens who are increasingly using mobile devices, has already implemented several mobile applications, such as: My Income Tax, Individuals, Carnê-Leão, Micro Entrepreneur Individual, Importer, Travelers, Standards, e-Process and CNPJ. However, there was no possibility of access to the virtual services available on the RFB (e-CAC) website whose criticality of the information required authentication through a digital certificate.

Therefore, the RFB initiated a process of technological prospection with market companies and the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), which regulates the rules of the ICP-Brasil digital certification. The challenge was to build a solution for mobile devices and to create a legal framework to support this service. Thus, the solution called “digital cloud certification” was approved.

In this context, the project “Receita na Palma da Mão” (English: the bill in the palm of your hand) emerged, whose objective It is to provide citizens with access, using their smartphone or tablet, to e-CAC virtual services that require digital certificate authentication.


Which challenges hindered implementing the new services?

In late 2018, the RFB deployed a version of the e-CAC Portal with the possibility of access using Serpro’s NeoID digital certificate, which at that time was the only ICP-Brazil standard digital cloud certificate approved by ITI. However, access had to be made available using any standard ICP-Brazil digital cloud certificate.

In order to be able to provide access to RFB virtual services using any standard digital cloud certificate ICP-Brasil, without having to change applications with each new certificate available in the market, two actions were needed:

  1. Changing the ITI specification to allow process automation and
  2. For the RFB to create a service that brokers RFB applications with the Trusted Certificate Provider (PSC), the cloud certificate authority


After the necessary changes in documentation promoted by the ITI, it was possible to implement the intermediation service that makes the emergence or disappearance of a new digital cloud certificate transparent for already adapted RFB applications. The E-CAC Portal is the first application to be adapted and able to accept digital cloud certificates from any ITI accredited vendors.


How do it get the Digital Cloud Certificate?

Mobile access to eCAC can be through the RFB website (, under the “services” tab via the “e-CAC Access” button or directly via

In order to obtain a digital cloud certificate, the citizen must look for a Certificate Authority and perform the procedures already known for issuing a digital certificate.

There are currently three certificate authorities accredited by ITI:

  • Serpro with NeoID
  • Certisign with RemoteID
  • Soluti with BirdID


These regulatory changes could affect your business with view to customizing or support of your ERP/SAP system. Please contact us to learn about possible necessary reactions to the changes – we are happy to assist you!