Brazil: Nationwide unified electronic Invoice for services planned!

In Brazil, there are currently 5.570 rules and regulations surrounding the Nota Fiscal de Servicos (NFS) because each municipality has their own legal base. In order to harmonize the regulations, the project „Nota Fiscal de Servicos Eletronica” (NFS-e National) has been initiated which aims at creation a nation-wide standard for the NFS-e creation as well as the establishemnt of a data bank to save and control all issued NFS-e.

Furthermore, according to the Enat Protocol 11/2015 for simplifying the auxiliary duties of tax payers with view to the NFS-e, a mobile version of the NFS-e creation should be implemented.

The project is planned as a further SPED module and has been well received by both administration with view to improved fiscal control as well as businesses because of the consequential bureaucracy reduction.

In order for the project to me implemented, the Projeto de Lei (PL 521/18) has to be adopted by parliament. Then, an administrative committee for the national NFS-e as well as a cooperation protocol can be established which in turn is the premise for creating an implementation timeline.

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