Brazil: Focus on International Trade

For the first 100 days in office, Bolsonaros government has created a priority list which has been published on January 23, 2019. The list includes 35 topics, two of them directly relating to international trade.


International Economic Integration

One of the priorities that has been suggested by the ministry of economics is to strengthen the international economic integration process using the following measures:


  • trade facilitation
  • regulatory convergence
  • negotiation of trade agreements
  • reform of the national tariff structure


By using the aforementioned instruments the costs of inputs acquisition, capital goods and IT goods should be reduced.



The other plan related to international trade affects Mercosur. The ministry of foreign affairs plans the following measures:


  • reduce Mercosur tariffs in accordance with the promotion of the foreign agenda
  • improve the instruments favorable to the production sector
  • promote exports
  • reduce the price of inputs for the domestic industry as well as for products and services for Brazilian citizens


The proposed measures represent Bolsonaro`s stance in Davos:


“We will seek to integrate Brazil into the world also through an active defense of the WTO reform, in order to eliminate unfair trade practices and ensure legal security of international trade”.