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Oil prices slip despite OPEC cuts: fears of a weakening global economy

“Oil prices slipped on Tuesday as worries that a weakening global economy would dent demand for the commodity outweighed the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) decision to extend supply cuts until next March.”

AMLO inaugurates National Guard, admits no advances yet in security

“President urges guardsmen to act professionally and with honesty and integrity.”

Colombia’s ‘disastrous’ minimum wage is restraining its development

“In Colombia, the legal minimum wage is around $ 828,000 Colombian pesos, about USD $260. Although for many of those who receive it, the figure seems negligible, for Christopher Pissarides, it is one of the

Mexican president announces plan to provide 40,000 jobs to migrants

“Mexico is finalizing a deal to provide 40,000 factory jobs to migrants in northern states, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday, addressing a key need for the thousands waiting in Mexico as their U.S.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro: What has changed six months into presidency

“Despite bold promises, Jair Bolsonaro has so far done little to placate his opponents.”

The transnational investigation behind Argentina’s largest seizure of weapons

“After months of joint investigations with the United States, Argentina last week made the largest weapons seizure in the country’s history. Details of the bust and transnational investigation are coming to light sparked by a

Bolsonaro called off delayed meeting with China’s Xi

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called off a meeting on Saturday in Japan with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping after his delegation was left waiting it was reported in the Brazilian media.”

Bolsonaro: EU/Mercosur agreement will take at least three years to come into force

“On Friday, EU and Mercosur concluded two decades of talks, committing to more open markets in the face of a rising tide of protectionism.”

Argentina energy crisis: La Plata goes without power for days

“An energy crisis on the outskirts of Argentina’s capital has left many without power for days.”

OAS General Assembly after two days of debate remains divided on Venezuela

“Members of the Organization of American States (OAS) ended two days of meetings on Friday without a clear plan for increasing pressure on embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, despite a majority vote to recognize a

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