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Argentina: Modifications for country-y-country reporting and transfer pricing

With the General Resolution No. 4332 from November 12th, the Argentinian tax authority AFIP has created a number of changes with view to country-by-country reporting (CbC) for multinational companies (MNE). These changes concern: Rules for

Brazil: SPED Fiscal Update January 1st, 2019!

In order to clarify what information need to be issued to Brazil`s tax authority SEFAZ in line with SPED Fiscal (EFD-ICMS/IPI), technical specifications for the submission of the EFD report (Escrituracao Fiscal Digital – digital

Brazil: Bloco K – nearing deadline!

Bloco K is part of Brazil`s newest e-accounting measures that require the electronic compilation of production and inventory processes and materials.   What it is Bloco K is an electronic compilation of production and inventory

Tax Implications of Bolsonaro`s Election

After Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) won the run-off elections in Brazil with 55.14% against Fernando Haddad (PT, 44,86%), entrepreneurs in Brazil and abroad ask themselves which effects his presidency will have on Brazil`s economic development. Bolsonaro`s

Argentina lower house approves budget amid economic turmoil

“It includes tax hikes, government cuts and other measures aimed at eliminating the fiscal deficit next year.”

Company Taxation in Brazil

The Brazilian tax chaos is based on the high number of tax regulations which further obstruct the already cloudy legal situation. According to the Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo an average of 35 new

SAP Tax Declaration Framework (TDF)

TDF is SAP`s solution for tax and regulatory hurdles in Brazil.  Its goals, functionality and customer benefits will be outlined in this article. What is it In order to be compliant with the complex requirements

CNAE Register in Brazil

From January 1st, 2019 on, Brazilian companies and Brazil-based subsidiaries have to issue the Bloco K report in line with the SPED e-Accounting regulations. The concrete deadline for each company depends on its revenues as

Tax Terms Brazil

Bloco K: Reports that expand SPED e-accounting procedures and that are mandatory for all manufacturers that sell goods. The reports include information on raw materials and components, as well as collected ICMS and IPI, inventory, stock

Brazil’s Temer charged with corruption, money laundering

After two rejected attempts the Brazilian Federal Police now initiated a third trial at bringing acting President Temer before court for corruption and money laudering. He is charged with accapeting bribes from a port managment