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New Brazil government to pull out of UN migration accord

“On the same day that Brazil signed a U.N. agreement on migration, the country’s incoming foreign minister said he’ll pull the country out of it when the new government takes office in January. Ernesto Araujo

Brazil: CAMEX` Best Practices for Foreign Trade

On December 10th, 2018, Brazil`s foreign trade chamber CAMEX published Resolution No. 90/2018 which aims to improve transparency, predictability, and the control over foreign trade regulations. It includes processes to prepare and check regulations measures

Video: Former Ford executives convicted in torture case in Argentina

“A court in Argentina has sentenced two former executives of Ford Motor Company for colluding with the country’s military dictatorship in the 1970s and early 80s. They were found guilty of helping the regime detain

Video: Mexico offers asylum to thousands in the migrant caravan

“Mexico offers a choice of a humanitarian visa or access to a speedy asylum process.”

Attempted oil robbery in Rio de Janeiro leads to major leak

“Brazilian authorities say that a major oil leak in Rio de Janeiro was caused by fuel thieves who punctured a pipeline in the Guanabara Bay. In total, about 15,850 gallons (60,000 liters) were released into

Brazil: PERT Debt Consolidation Program

On December 10th, the Federal Authority on Taxes in Brazil (RFB) published the normative Instruction No. 1.855/18 which outlines the modalities of the PERT debt consolidation program. PERT (Programa Especial de Regularização Tributária) also known

Peruvians back anti-corruption reforms in referendum: exit poll

“A total of 24.3 million eligible Peruvians were registered to vote on proposals including the regulation of political party financing, and the overhaul of the appointments system for judges and prosecutors, that were spurred in

Pro-business lawyer to head Brazil’s environment ministry

” Bolsonaro said in a tweet Sunday that Ricardo de Aquino Salles would be appointed to the position. Salles served as the environment secretary of Sao Paulo state under the leadership of former Gov. Geraldo

President says fuel theft costs Mexico up to $3.5B yearly

“Lopez Obrador said “there still isn’t an exact figure” on the losses. The state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos company hasn’t given out new figures on pipeline taps since September; that last report indicated that 11,240 taps were

Odebrecht Peru agrees to plea deal with Peruvian authorities over bribery scandal

“Brazilian builder Odebrecht’s Peruvian unit has signed a deal with Peruvian authorities to pay a multimillion dollar fine that will allow it to continue operating in the country in return for providing evidence about officials