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Brazil: Changes to Double Taxation Disputes

At the end of November 2018, Brazil introduced a new Normative Ruling on effective dispute resolution processes in order to comply with the OECD`s Action 14 BEPS requirements. The Normative Ruling NR 1,846/18 replaces NR

Brazil reveals plans to privatize key stretches of Amazon highways

“Brazil’s new government has unveiled plans to privatize the Trans-Amazonian Highway, in a fresh attempt to complete – and fully pave – the dictatorship-era road which has already been blamed for extensive deforestation. The government

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Speech at Davos Disappoints Investors

“In his speech, Bolsonaro vowed to attract foreign capital, explore natural resources, carry out tax and Social Security reforms, invest in education, encourage tourism and maintain agribusiness sustainability. Despite promising to make Brazil ‘one of the

Mexico: Trust Register for Tax Incentives planned

On November 13, 2018, the governing party Morena introduced a law initiative that is aimed at increasing the people`s trust in the government. Its goal is to offer tax incentives and administrative benefits to taxpayers

Mexico: Tax Settlement Rules for 2019

While the Mexican economic plan for fiscal year 2018 included neither new tax nor tax increases, it did change existing tax standards with view to VAT and income tax. Specifically, a new tax settlement regulation

Ecuador: Abandoning of Reporting Duties

The Ecuadorian tax authority SRI published a new regulation in November 2018 which abandons the following reports:   Annex for monetary assets in foreign financial institutions exceeding US$ 100.000 Annex for SWIFT Transfers   The

Chile’s Pinera seeks jail time for environmental damages, infractions

“Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced on Monday a bill to set stiffer fines and jail time for serious violations of the country’s environmental laws, marking a shift toward increasing environmental scrutiny in the world’s top

Chile: Tax Reform

Since 2019, there is a new tax reform in place in Chile which affects the following topics: Digital Assets Invoicing and Returns Investmentfonds Donation of Goods Company Divisions   Digital Assets Directive DDJJ No. 1891

Brazil to Start Railroad Concessions in First Semester of 2019

“With these actions, the participation of the rail way in the transport matrix should double until 2025,” said the minister on a video posted in his social media. According to the minister, in March the

Questions over payments involving son of Brazil president

“The son of new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is fending off suspicions of financial irregularities that are starting to cast a shadow over the administration just four weeks in power. The newspaper O Globo reported