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Brazil: Companies shocked by ‘new tax base’ proposal for Income Tax

One of the tax changes being studied by the federal government’s economic team has made business representatives and taxpayers apprehensive. The proposal creates a basis for calculating the income tax base on a new concept

Brazil’s Bolsonaro wants to discuss Amazon fires at UN

“I will not accept alms from any country in the world under the pretext of preserving the Amazon when it is being divided into lots and sold,” the far-right president said.

Argentine peso steadies, along with nerves

“A day after government announces measures to shore up currency, Argentines hope the worst is behind them.”

Argentina imposes foreign-exchange controls to contain the run for dollars

“Exporters were ordered to seek permission from the Central Bank of Argentina before purchasing foreign currency, according to a decree published in the Official Bulletin.”

Brazilian States and Capital Cities Cut Investments by 52.8 Percent in Four Years, Says Survey

“In 11 states the slump was more than 50 percent. Rio de Janeiro led the decline. Its investments fell to R$107.4 million from R$3 billion. São Paulo cut them to R$1.8 billion from R$3.4 billion.”

Brazil: House of Representatives to adopt exemption from Tax Reform

As the government prepares to submit its tax reform proposal to Congress, the House of Representatives discuss payroll tax relief as a part of the tax reform.   What are the differences in concepts? According

Mexico’s president vows to tackle violence, corruption

“Nothing has damaged Mexico more than the dishonesty of its rulers — and this is the main cause of the economic and social inequality, and of the insecurity and violence, that we suffer,” the president

Agreement With European Efta Countries Benefits Mercosur Producers

“But growing resistance to the deal in the two largest EFTA markets, Switzerland and Norway, should give cause for concern.”

Canceling airport contracts cost 71 billion pesos: transport secretary

“Communications and Transportation Secretary Javier Jiménez Espriú told a press conference yesterday that an analysis determined that 692 contracts had to be settled.”

Brazilian Government Will Require R$367 Billion Increase in Borrowing Limit for 2020

“The measure depends on ratification by Congress, given the requirement to comply with the so-called golden rule.”