Industries and markets

Brazil’s Federal Investments Show Accumulated 16.3 Percent Drop in 2019

“Investments total R$30.888 billion from January to October.”

Argentina’s Criticisms of Mercosur Worry Brazil, Says Foreign Minister

“After the Bolsonaro administration had shown its displeasure with the return of leftists to power in Argentina, Ernesto Araújo now says Brazil wants the best possible relationship with its neighbor.”

Mexico in recession: revised data reveals economic contraction in 2 quarters

“But some economists say the economic downturn is not significant.”

Colombia: Bill for Economic Growth Promotion

On October 16, 2019, the Colombian Constitutional Court ruled that the Tax Reform Act of 2019 (Law 1943 of 2018) was unconstitutional, mainly due to procedural defects. However, certain parts of the Act have not

Argentina 2019: annual inflation of 55% and economy contraction of 2.7%

“About US$ 28 billion in debt held by private investors and international organizations will mature in 2020, Lacunza said, a key challenge for the country as it looks to stave of fears of a sovereign

New IMF head of mission in Argentina, as Macri prepares to step down

“New IMF delegate Luis Cubeddu is knowledgeable in Argentina since he was in Buenos Aires between 2002/04, during a similar financial pre default situation.”

Ericsson to Invest R$1 Billion to Develop 5G in Brazil, Says Executive

“The Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson plans to invest R$1 billion (US$250 million) to expand its plant in São José dos Campos (SP), developing a new assembly line exclusively dedicated to 5G technology products that

Dollar Hits R$4.22 Then Closes at All-time High

“Despite expectations of a trade agreement between China and the US, news that Brazil experienced a current transaction deficit led the US currency to climb 0.5 percent.”

e-Invoicing Panama

In December 2016, Panama joined the Latin American e-Invoicing trend and presented its first roadmap for its design and implementation. It has been legally permissible since 19 September 2018 and is based on the provisions

Chile cancels global climate, economic summits amid deadly protests

“Pres. Sebastián Piñera said he was forced to call off both events due to the chaos unleashed by 12 days of protests that have left over a dozen people dead.”