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Cristina Fernandez’s first corruption trial confirmed for next Tuesday

“Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that ex-president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s corruption trial can go ahead; after protesters demonstrated against rumours the case might be delayed. Trial is set to begin on Tuesday over

Bolsonaro defends his accused son and tells prosecutors and the media to go after him

“Several Brazilian news outlets have reported that Rio de Janeiro prosecutors believe Flavio Bolsonaro, now a federal senator, bought and sold real estate to launder millions of dollars while he was a state legislator.”

Fitch rating agency says uncertainty overflying the Brazilian economy

“Brazil’s push to overhaul its costly social security system is a welcome step toward healing public finances and the economy, but is not enough to stabilize public debt or trigger a positive review on the

Ford assets in Brazil to be acquired by Chinese businesspeople

The founder of Brazilian automaker CAOA said on Monday he is negotiating with Chinese business executives to make a joint acquisition of a Ford Motor Co plant near Sao Paulo. “Ford and CAOA have been

Brazil plans to reduce import tariffs by ten percentage points in four years

“Guedes announced the average tariff reduction at an event in Rio de Janeiro, saying there will be a cut of 1 percentage point in the first year, 2 in the second, 3 in the third

Brazil’s Real slides past 4.00 to the US dollar as China/US trade dispute escalates

“The Real currency traded as low as 4.0043 per dollar, its lowest since April 25 and about 1% weaker than Friday’s close. The Real suffered with other emerging market currencies as Beijing retaliated on Monday

Brazil: Income Tax adjusted for Inflation

President Jair Bolsonaro said that the government will make a correction in the table of income tax for the coming year. In an interview with Radio Bandeirantes, Bolsonaro said he told Economy Minister Paulo Guedes

Corruption investigation: Court allows investigation of Bolsonaro son’s banking records

“The office of Senator Flavio Bolsonaro confirmed that a court in a sealed ruling would allow police to examine the banking records of the lawmaker, along with those of his wife.”

Mexico’s Pemex gets refinancing worth $8 billion

“Petroleos Mexicanos needed the refinancing to handle a debt that currently totals over $100 billion.”

Ex Lima mayor jailed after admitting benefiting from the Odebrecht corruption network in Peru

“Villaran, Lima’s mayor from 2014-2018, is accused of taking millions of dollars from Odebrecht to finance a recall referendum in 2013 – which she won – and from OAS for a failed re-election bid in