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National Guard’s deployment to border complete by Tuesday

“The deployment of 6,000 National Guard troops to the southern border will be completed by Tuesday, Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said today.”

Mexico presidency sells its fleet of planes to help finance curbing migration in the south of the country

“The agreement reached on Friday averted escalating import tariffs of 5% on Mexican goods, which US President Donald Trump had vowed to impose unless Mexico did more to contain migration via Central America to the

Argentine ex official sentenced to six years in prison for corruption

“A court on Wednesday sentenced former Argentine secretary of Public Works minister Jose Lopez to six years in prison after he was caught by police trying to hide bags stuffed with US$9 million in cash

Hundreds of new pesticides approved in Brazil under Bolsonaro

“Many of those permitted since far-right president took power are banned in Europe.”

Ecuador’s highest court approves same-sex marriage

“The decision by the Constitutional Court came after a lengthy legal battle waged by several couples and gay rights advocates. With the 5-to-4 ruling, Ecuador joins a handful of Latin American nations — Argentina, Brazil,

Argentina: Implementation of the ‘Multinota Digital’

The Multinota Digital is an instrument for the electronic presentation of legal statements in the area of ​​the Argentine tax authority AFIP-DGI. The instrument is based on General Resolution (AFIP) no. 4503/2019 (BO 06/12/2019), which

Argentina grain exporters ready to replace the US as main supplier of Mexico

“If trade strife continues between the United States and Mexico despite a deal struck on Friday, Argentine grain exporters are ready to step in to meet Mexican food demand, the head of an Argentine industry

Brazil indigenous affairs head fired amid push to develop Amazon

“Sacking of FUNAI chief comes as President Bolsonaro pursues opening up reservation lands for commercial activity.”

Mexico: Santa Lucía airport ruling also orders abandoned project be left intact

“A federal court yesterday issued a new provisional suspension order against the new Santa Lucía airport that also instructs federal authorities not to make any changes to the site of the abandoned Mexico City airport

President Macri and Cristina Fernandez share similar high rejection levels

“It is for what many Argentines believe a “terrifying” option, bringing back Cristina and her gang of corrupt bullies, or keep to Macri and his very poor handling of the economy with a damaging inflation