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Ecuador extends deadline for negotiations with bondholders

“Ecuador will extend the deadline for creditors to vote on its US$ 17.4 billion debt restructuring plan to Monday following a lawsuit by a small group of bondholders, the finance ministry said on Thursday.”

IADB: Investment in Digital Infrastructure Will Generate Big Windfall for Latin America

“Infrastructure will be key to spur post-pandemic recovery. The report analyzes policy options for infrastructure that bring about climate-friendly reforms and address social expectations.”

Remittances up 11% in June to US $3.53 billion

“The numbers come as a bit of better news amid a lot of bad news regarding the Mexican economy: the latest Bank of México survey of private sector economists predicts a decline in the gross

Argentine media and markets agree an agreement has been reached with bondholders

“Argentina and most of its top creditors are moving closer to an agreement to restructure US$ 65 billion of bonds, according to government sources in the Buenos Aires media. Likewise, the prospects of an agreement

Brazil: Version 6.0.6 of the ECF Program published

Version 6.0.6 of the ECF program has been published with the following updates: Correction of import error in the case of ECF with special situations in calendar year 2020. Correction of the ECD recovery rule

Brazil optimistic about a Mercosur free trade accord with Canada

“An estimate by Brazil´s Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) points out that the conclusion of a free trade agreement between Mercosur and Canada has the potential to increase Brazilian export revenues of agricultural products

Argentina begins clinical trials on Covid-19 patients with antibodies from horses

“The serum is obtained by injecting a SARS-CoV-2 protein, which causes the animal to generate a large amount of neutralizing antibodies.”

Argentina announces a bill to reform the judiciary: strong reaction from the opposition

“Argentina’s government on Wednesday launched a bid to reform the judiciary by increasing the number of federal courts, diluting the power of those that already exist, in what the opposition has labelled as an attempt

Broad Tax Reform Could Lead to Cuts, Says Brazilian Economy Minister

“The Minister has advocated the introduction of an electronic payments tax to offset reductions in payroll taxes.”

Argentina: COVID 19 emergency relief program for employers

Resolución General 4746/2020 allows employers based in Argentina to register for benefits under the Emergency Work and Production Program (“ATP”). However, those who receive support under the program are also subject to numerous restrictions: Employers