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Brazil: Government of São Paulo creates new incentives for car manufacturers

In order to receive a discount of up to 25% a can manufacturer has to invest at least 1 Billion R $ an create 400 new jobs.   Details of the Tax Incentives Program Because

Brazil Agrees to Surrender Special WTO status for OECD entry

“Country will likely have to make changes in its fiscal system, commercial policies and the rules of intellectual property protection to adapt to the standards of the international entity “

Bolsonaro in Washington: Brazil’s leader on first trip abroad

“The success of the meeting could hinge on the similarities between the so-called “South American Trump” and the man himself.”

Trump says strongly considering NATO privileges for Brazil

“Speaking at a joint White House news conference Trump said: “As I told President Bolsonaro, I also intend to designate Brazil as a major non-NATO ally – or, maybe a NATO ally. I’ll have to

Video: Deal allows US to use Alcantara for space launches from Brazil

“Local reactions is mixed, with some excited about potential investment while others remember the displacement when the base was built in the 1980s.”

Think tank warns of potential for a huge cost overrun on Maya Train

“Imco suggests costs could go 10 times higher and wonders if there will be enough passengers.”

Brazil and Mexico: Free Trade in Automotive Sector

Since Tuesday, March 19th, a new free trade agreement for vehicles and car parts is in place between Brazil and Mexico. Consequently, car manufacturers residing in both countries can now import and export their products

Brazil: Centralized GTIN Registry

What is GTIN and how does it affect your business? GTIN is short for „Global Item Numbering” and enables a common product numbering which keeps companies from using their own individual numbering system. The uniformity

Mexico’s lower house passes measure to cut short presidential term

“Mexico’s Lower House on Thursday approved a constitutional reform that would allow for referendums to cut short the six-year presidential term, a move opposition lawmakers say opens the door to allowing re-election to the nation’s

Brazil to seek more pension contributions from military officers

“If any group gets any special benefit, it will be necessary to show what it will cost, and that this will mean less investment in housing and health,” Marinho said at an event in Rio

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