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How the Mercosur-EU Agreement will affect Brazil

While the  US and China are in the midst of a protectionist trade war, the Mercosur countries and the European Union are sending a strong signal to the world that it is possible to promote

Emilio Lozoya: Former Mexican oil chief accused of corruption

“He is accused of taking $10m (£8m) in bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, which admits paying off politicians in Latin America.”

Government plans tourism promotion fund of 50 million pesos

“However, tt’s rather less than the budget of the agency that was responsible for marketing bevfore it was dissolved by AMLO.”

Brazilian stocks at new records as pension reform clears key congressional hurdle

“The special pension reform committee in Congress passed the basic text by a vote of 36 to 13, and the reform bill could now be only two weeks from achieving full lower house approval.”

Mexico deported 22,000 migrants in June, up 33% over May and a 13-year high

“Preliminary data from the National Immigration Institute shows that 21,912 migrants were deported last month compared to 16,507 the month before.”

Brazil president rebuts European criticism over environment

“They have no authority to discuss the environmental issue with us,” Bolsonaro said during a breakfast with rural lawmakers at the palace of Planalto.

Outcry after reports Brazil plans to investigate Glenn Greenwald

“Federal police reportedly asked money laundering unit to investigate the ‘financial activities’ of the US journalist.”

World Bank unit implicated in Latin America graft scandal

“In an antitrust administrative complaint filed in September against Guarín and several others, the IFC is accused of failing to act on Guarín’s potential conflict of interest for nearly two years, even as she allegedly

Mexican president thanks Trump for tariff comments as peso strengthens

“I am grateful that even President Trump is making it known that Mexico is fulfilling its commitment and that there are no threats of tariffs,” Lopez Obrador said.

Brazil: Taxation of the Internet of Things

What is the IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the communication between objects with artificial intelligence (AI) when being done online. For example, if refrigerators order food online or smart cars transfer data to