Industries and markets

Major strike in Argentina – unions divided

“A national strike will halt much of shale-rich Argentina’s economy on Tuesday amid growing investor concern that market-oriented president Mauricio Macri will lose a bid for re-election in October, swinging Argentina back toward state intervention.”

Brazil: Prolonged Deadline for Debt Reduction Program Refis

In Brazil, everything from a jeans to a family van can be paid in installments in order to promote consumerism. However, installments often lead to debt when consumers lose track of their payment obligations. Therefore,

Mexico: New Tax Amnesty Program

On April 16th, 2019, a new Tax Amnesty Program has been published in the Official Gazette (Disposiciones de Carácter General que regulan los Programas de Auto Regularización). The program regulates the procedure for taxpayers that

Argentine mining investments expected to reach US$ 29 billion this year

“According to the group, the mining sector is experiencing continued growth and has become the sixth most important sector when it comes to exports.”

Second black day for Argentine markets and Peso

“The peso ended down 2.48% at a record low close of 45.1 per dollar, though off intraday lows, as uncertainty over a biting recession and high inflation frayed nerves about political upheaval in Latin America’s

Toyota Brazil to build a Corolla sedan that runs on electricity, ethanol and gas

“Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday it will begin building a new version of the Corolla sedan in Brazil that will run on electricity, ethanol and gas, which it says will be the first

Bolsonaro prepares to open Amazon reserve to mining: pledges no bureaucratic impediments

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday the country could open a vast reserve in the Amazon rainforest to mining, a move attempted by his predecessor that was quickly rescinded following an international environmental outcry.

Colombia’s lower house rejects Duque’s changes to peace tribunal

“Colombia’s lower house voted 110-44 to turn down the suggested changes in latest congressional defeat to the president.”

Peru: Judge orders 10-day detention of ex-president Kuczynski

“According to the judicial order, published by Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, prosecutors are seeking bank account information, electronic deposits, documents related to property sales, public deeds and “other objects of crime”.”

Brazil’s lower house speaker forecasts pension reform will be approved by next June

“Speaking at a conference in New York, Maia said he was also optimistic the final bill would generate the 1 trillion reais (US$ 260 billion) in savings over the next decade the government is seeking.

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