Industries and markets

Peru confident on double digit growth in foreign tourism for 2020

“Vizcarra announced Sunday that his country expectes to welcome 4.8 million foreign tourists, 9% more than in 2018.”

EU warns Argentina and Brazil on credit agencies ratings regulations

“The European Commission will deem that Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina and Australia don’t regulate credit ratings agencies with the same rigor as the EU, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing a document. The decision

Chile’s navy confirms diesel oil spill in pristine Patagonia

“Chile’s navy on Sunday confirmed the spillage of 40,000 liters of diesel oil into the sea in a remote and pristine area of the South American country’s Patagonia and said it is working to mitigate

Peru’s Vizcarra proposes early elections, opposition cries foul

“Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Sunday proposed ending the legislative and presidential terms of office a year earlier than scheduled and holding elections in 2020 in the face of opposition to his efforts to pass

Mexico pledges US $90 million a year in development aid to Central America

“Opposition leaders called it ‘senseless’ and out of line with the government’s austerity program.”

Brazil stimulus plan will allow workers to withdraw money from severance fund

“Brazil hopes to inject US$ 11.2 billion into its slowing economy after announcing a plan Wednesday to put some extra cash in the pockets of workers. Workers will be allowed to withdraw up to 500

Argentina’s economy lifting out of recession: activity rises in May for the first time in a year

“The 2.6% rise versus the same month a year ago topped even the most optimistic estimates from analysts, and broke a run of 12 consecutive months of falling economic activity.”

China/Brazil meeting: “pragmatism will prevail” anticipate Bolsonaro hard liners

“Both sides are looking to strengthen a relationship that only months ago many had feared could rupture under newly-elected Bolsonaro, especially in the face of growing US-China trade tensions.”

Anti-corruption hero or villain? Brazil’s Moro and the media

“Moro is facing a scandal of his own which demolishes his reputation as an anti-corruption crusader, scrubbing Brazil clean of corruption.”

HIV Vaccine to be Tested on Humans for the First Time in Brazil

“An HIV vaccine will be tested for the first time in Brazil and seven more countries in America and Europe in 2019.”