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IMF releases loan tranche to embattled Ecuadorean government

“The Bank of México has not cut rates at four consecutive board meetings since 2009, when rates were lowered on seven consecutive occasions. One member of the bank board voted on Thursday to reduce the

Argentina’s credit rating downgraded to near-default by Fitch and S&P

“While the downgrades leave Argentina just one step away from the ninth default in its history, yields on the country’s bonds have fallen to two-month lows. Prices on Argentina’s century bonds climbed 4.4 cents over

Argentina appoints team for talks with creditors to renegotiate massive sovereign debt

“The “external debt sustainability management unit” was created in the context of the government’s sweeping economic bill, which was passed by the Senate on early Saturday, according to a statement by the Secretariat of Finance.”

Chile: New Version of Tax Schemes Catalog

The Chilean tax agency SII has published the fourth edition of the tax scheme catalog which incorporates 17 new cases. The new tax events address situations with a high potential risk of tax noncompliance, to

Brazil’s Country Risk Falls to Lowest Level in Nine Years

“The Credit Default Swaps (CDS) work as an informal thermometer of the probability of a country defaulting on the global financial market over the next five years.”

US, Mexico quickly mend rift over North American trade deal

“At issue are five labor attaches the United States intends to send to Mexico to oversee the Mexican government’s labor reforms. Those plans were revealed Friday when the U.S. published the implementing legislation for the

Brazilian Government Plans to Auction 44 Infrastructure Assets in 2020

“Among the projects are the concession of 22 airports (divided into three blocks) to the private sector, seven highways, nine port terminals, two railroads, and the renewal of four rail freight transportation contracts.”

Argentine Government Plans Heavy Rise in Taxes, from Agribusiness to Tourism

“President Alberto Fernández calls on Congress to grant him “special powers” to renegotiate foreign debt. The first measure was a decree affecting agricultural exports, Argentina’s main source of foreign currency.”

Ecuador: New multiple payments form for e-invoicing

The Ecuadorian tax authority SRI (Servicio de Rentas Internas) has replaced the prior form 106 with new version in order to allow for multiple tax payments through e-invoicing. This new online service is the result

Brazil: New rules for tax disputes

The basis for the tax dispute settlement between the state and taxpayers in Brazil is the Provisional Measure No. 899 (Medida Provisória 899/2019 or MP 899) of October 17, 2019. A provisional measure is a