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Nestlé announces US $154-million plant in Veracruz

” The Swiss food and drinks company Nestlé announced a US $154-million investment in Veracruz during a meeting yesterday with President López Obrador. The company plans to install a coffee processing plant that will create

New e-Invoicing Models in LATAM in 2019

Multiple Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Panama or Paraguay develop their own e-Invoicing models. They follow their regional neighbors with more sophisticated e-Invoicing systems such as Mexico, Brazil or Chile.   The most important

Brazil: Tense Foreign Relations with Venezuela and Cuba

The uncustomary retraction of the invitation for Venezuela and Cuba to Jair Bolsonaro`s inauguration has only apparently been a decision made by Brazil`s Foreign Ministry (called Itamaraty). In fact, there has been no such recommendation

US pledges $10.6B aid for Central America, southern Mexico

“The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico. The U.S aid aims to

Mexico to raise minimum wage to $5 a day

“The daily minimum wage will increase by 16% on January 1 to 102.68 pesos (US $5.10), the federal labor secretary announced today. Luisa María Alcalde also announced an even bigger hike in the northern border

Video: Mexico’s top court ruling can change lives of domestic workforce

“Earlier this month, the Supreme Court made it mandatory to enrol domestic workers in the social security system and gave the government three years to ensure that. It means, not only the employers would be

Brazil: Liability for Breaches against Economic Order

The economic committee of the senate has passed the Senatorial Law No. 283 (“PLS”) by changing Law 12.529 / 11 (“LDC”). The law concerns the Brazilian competition rules as well as the prevention and suppression

LATAM: Economic Recovery 2019

At the end of the super election year it is worthwhile to look at the economic prognoses of the region and the individual countries. Where can economic growth be expected? Which political and economic decisions

Brazil: Transfer Pricing – RFB explains PRL Usage

The RFB (Receita Federal do Brasil) has introduced the Consultation Solution Nr. 95-Cosit which confirms that companies that import goods from affiliates abroad need to comply with the transfer pricing rules. It does not matter

Brazil: Calculation Base for Import Tax corrected

The Highest Court STJ hat decided that expenses for goods movement on Brazilian territory cannot be included in the calculation base for the import tax (see judgment from the 1st Panels of the STJ, special