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Pharmaceutical Roche latest to add to Brazil’s economic woes

“Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche said Tuesday it will stop producing medicines at its Rio de Janeiro unit in Brazil, a new blow to a country whose economy appears to be in its most sluggish decade

Government to make more spending cuts as it seeks to avoid deficit

“Believe the president that we’re going to go from republican austerity to Franciscan poverty, don’t doubt that, more cuts have been asked for in the past two weeks,” chief of staff Romo said.”

New FCP regulation in Paraíba

FCP is a Fund against Poverty which is aimed at minimizing the consequences of social inequality between the Brazilian states. The FCP rate ranges depending on the product or service between 1% and 4%. The

Brazil’s ex-president Michel Temer freed after five days in jail

“A Brazilian appeals court judge on Monday released former President Michel Temer from jail following his high-profile arrest on graft charges last week, which marked a fresh landmark in the country’s battle against political corruption.

A third of Argentines living below the poverty line

“The latest report UCA’s Social Debt Observatory, which uses a multi-dimensional system of indicators to measure poverty, shows that the rate rose by 4.7 percentage points from previous years’ figure of 26.6%, with a total

Bolsonaro in Chile: Brazilian leader sparks controversy

“Brazil’s right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro has wrapped up an official visit to Chile that was marked by protests and controversy. The Brazilian leader’s praise of Chile’s former military dictatorship led to the first-ever boycott of

Brazil to ease gun laws despite rampant violence

“Owning a gun in Brazil to become easier despite school shooting massacre this month and a widespread homicide crisis.”

New Legislation in Chile to Fight Corruption

On November 20th, 2018, the new Law 21,121 has been published in Chile introducing changes to the criminal law with view to corruption. The law increases the sanctions for some existing crimes and introduces new

Brazil’s Military Now Part of Pension Reform

“Not even Brazil’s military is safe from President Jair Bolsonaro’s proposed pension reform. A new overhaul bill was submitted Wednesday to the nation’s Congress, which seeks to save nearly $2.8 billion for the nation’s social

Brazil’s Privatization of Twelve Airports Seeks to Obtain R$2.1 Billion

“Brazil’s government will auction off twelve airports on Friday which receive annually almost twenty million passengers, and hope to obtain a minimum of R$2.01 billion for the terminals. The airports will be auctioned off in