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Brazil officials investigate kickback scheme

“Brazilian prosecutors say they’re investigating a kickback scheme involving bank directors who allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for investments in businesses that include the now-defunct Trump-branded hotel in Rio de Janeiro.”

Mexico teachers block railway lines, food shortages feared

“Teachers from the National Committee of Education Workers union began blocking the railroad tracks on Jan. 14 to protest labor demands. That has hampered the distribution of supplies for various industries, including hydrocarbons and grains

Brazil’s Economy Minister to Eliminate Deficit with Reforms and Privatizations

“Much of Brazil’s deficit may be eliminated with swift, effective measures, according to Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. Among the measures the Brazilian government is promising to implement are a social security reform, oil concessions and

Siscoserv – System Changes

In December 2018, Brazil published two directives that changed the Siscoserv system. Siscoserv is an integrated tool for foreign trade of services, immaterial goods and other transactions that change the volume of equity. Information have

Chile: MFN Principle in International Contracts

According to the most favored nation (MFN) principle a state has to grant the same foreign trade privilege to other states which it grated to a third state. The principle is the base of GATT

CbC Changes in Brazil and Colombia

In November 2018, Brazil and Colombia introduced regulatory changes with view to Country-by-Country Reporting (CbC).   Brazil Country-by-Country Reportings (CbC) exists in Brazil since 2016 based on the Normative Ruling 1,681. Thus, Brazil`s regulation is

Brazil: Focus on International Trade

For the first 100 days in office, Bolsonaros government has created a priority list which has been published on January 23, 2019. The list includes 35 topics, two of them directly relating to international trade.

Brazil: Changes to Double Taxation Disputes

At the end of November 2018, Brazil introduced a new Normative Ruling on effective dispute resolution processes in order to comply with the OECD`s Action 14 BEPS requirements. The Normative Ruling NR 1,846/18 replaces NR

Brazil reveals plans to privatize key stretches of Amazon highways

“Brazil’s new government has unveiled plans to privatize the Trans-Amazonian Highway, in a fresh attempt to complete – and fully pave – the dictatorship-era road which has already been blamed for extensive deforestation. The government

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Speech at Davos Disappoints Investors

“In his speech, Bolsonaro vowed to attract foreign capital, explore natural resources, carry out tax and Social Security reforms, invest in education, encourage tourism and maintain agribusiness sustainability. Despite promising to make Brazil ‘one of the