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Brazil: News on determining Country of Origin

With Normative Instruction RFB nº 1.864/18 , new regulations regarding the procedures for verifying the country of origin of imports have been introduced that are subject to preferential tariff treatment. The goal of the new

Brazil’s Petrobras Registers Positive Results After Four Years of Losses

“To further reduce costs company announced closing of international offices in New York, Japan, Iran and the African continent. “

Brazil Officials Call for Structural Reforms After 1.1% GDP Growth in 2018

“In order for GDP per capita to grow again in a sustainable manner, it is necessary for structural reforms to occur. The new Social Security (reform) is a necessary condition for the long-term fiscal balance

Mexico City has put the brakes on megaprojects worth US $500 million

“The Mexico City government suspended eight massive construction projects worth US $500 million last month, citing building irregularities. Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum ordered a review earlier this year of all building permits issued in 2017 and

Mexico pushing labour reform, won’t ratify new NAFTA with U.S. tariffs in place

“Mexico’s Congress will be asked to approve a major labour reform bill this spring as a necessary step to ratifying the new North American free trade pact later this autumn, say Mexican officials. But unless

Brazil: News on MAP rules

With the new Normative Instruction 1846/18, Brazil is adapting its mutual agreement procedure (MAP) to the OECD recommendations for the BEPS Action Plan 14. This results in the following changes for taxpayers:   MAP can

Brazil’s ex-president Lula convicted in second corruption case

“Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been convicted for a second time on charges of corruption and money laundering and sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison. Lula was on Wednesday found

Mexican economic plan aims to cut migration to the US

“The free zone scheme was introduced last month after President López Obrador announced it at the end of last year. Running the entire length of the 3,180km (1,954 mile) US-Mexican border, and 25km wide, the

Brazil: São Paulo plans to reduce ICMS Rate on Fuel

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), intends to announce the 25% reduction in jet fuel kerosene ICMS to 12%. The adjustment is to be made under the new program for air transport and

Brazil’s Government Hopes to Save R$1 Trillion with Social Security Reform

“According to the official there are currently two to three proposals which will be given to President Jair Bolsonaro. One of them is to make contribution years and a minimum retirement age the same for