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The Costs of doing Taxes in Latin America

In OECD countries, it takes a company 159 hours on average to do the taxes. This number is more than doubled in Latin America with 330 hours. This equals 41 8-hour working days! Especially in

Argentina: Draft Law to promote the Construction Industry

Recently, President Mauricio Macri submitted a bill to the Argentine Congress to relieve and encourage the construction industry by reducing various taxes for two years. As part of a column, he explained the draft, its

Brazil: New Rules for NF-e and NFC-e Version 4.0

The Brazilian tax authorities have released new rules for the e-invoicing process concerning NF-e and NFC-e version 4.0. Apart from the creation of new validation rules, the Technical Note 2019.001 also modifies existing rules. While

Chile: Government presents the latest tax reform proposal

On April 9, 2019, President Sebastián Piñera presented the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies with the latest tax initiative of his government. The tax reform aims to amend the corporate tax and capital

Brazil: Why the simplified tax system could jeopardize the country’s development

The upcoming tax reform is designed to streamline, simplify and adapt the highly complex Brazilian tax system to international best practices. So far so good, especially for international companies and investors. But will the planned

Investors stunned by Cristina Fernandez political move, but markets finally opted for a cautious calm

“Economists said the shock move could add to market uncertainty in the short-term but it should help temper volatility ahead of national elections in October.”

Latam posts a US$ 60 million loss in the first quarter: weak Argentine and Brazilian currencies

“The airline said in a securities filing it was reducing its forecast for growth in its international flights to a maximum of 2% growth, compared with a previous guidance of between 3% and 5%.”

Argentine business delegation to UK after trade and investment opportunities

“Bilateral trade, compared to other EU countries is minimum, less that 1% of Argentine exports are to the UK and likewise less that 1% of Argentine imports originate in Great Britain. However there are several

Brazil: Changes to the e-Invoicing Layout

With the Technical Note 2018.005, the layouts for NFe and NFC-e will change as of May 7, 2019. This Technical Note is relevant for all companies using the national NFe layout.   Layout Changes The

Kirchner Roils Argentina With Surprise Vice-Presidency Bid

“Kirchner, 66, will run on the same ticket as Alberto Fernandez, a veteran politician and her late husband’s former cabinet chief, she said in a message broadcast Saturday on her official YouTube channel.”