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Argentine economy contracts further

“Argentina’s economy contracted 2.5% in 2018, the official statistics agency said on Thursday, as the Latin American country’s leaders struggle to revive growth after being rattled by a currency crisis and steep inflation over the

Bolsonaro wants trade to represent 30% of Brazil’s GDP by 2022

“Marcos Troyjo, the government’s foreign trade secretary, said at a seminar in Sao Paulo that Bolsonaro’s government will work ceaselessly to close international trade agreements while also pushing economic reforms through Congress.”

Brazil’s central bank with new chief leaves rates unchanged

“Brazil’s interest rates remained unchanged on Wednesday after the central bank held its first monetary policy meeting under its new chief Roberto Campos Neto. The central bank’s unanimous decision — only the second since pro-business

Brazil and Sweden sign Changelog for Double Taxation Treaty

On March 19th, 2019, Brazil and Sweden signed a changelog for the double taxation treaty the two countries signed in 1975. The goal of the changelog is to promote mutually productive investment flows and strengthen

Brazil’s Guedes Says Country will Trade with Both U.S. and China

“Brazil is seeking economic partnerships with US businesses and opening its market to foreign investments said Brazilian Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes at a conference at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Monday. Minister

Brazil’s former president Michel Temer arrested in corruption investigation

“Judge Marcelo Breitas issued arrest warrants on Thursday for Temer and nine others in “Operation Radioactivity” – part of Operation Car Wash, the country’s largest ever corruption investigation, which has led to the convictions of

Brazil: GM stays in São Caetano do Sul thanks to tax cuts

The municipality of São Caetano founded ProAuto in order to free car manufacturer GM from the IPTU tax, reduce the ISS tax to 2% and lower the costs for waste water.   Tax Gifts for

Brazil: Government of São Paulo creates new incentives for car manufacturers

In order to receive a discount of up to 25% a can manufacturer has to invest at least 1 Billion R $ an create 400 new jobs.   Details of the Tax Incentives Program Because

Brazil Agrees to Surrender Special WTO status for OECD entry

“Country will likely have to make changes in its fiscal system, commercial policies and the rules of intellectual property protection to adapt to the standards of the international entity “

Bolsonaro in Washington: Brazil’s leader on first trip abroad

“The success of the meeting could hinge on the similarities between the so-called “South American Trump” and the man himself.”