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Brazil: Will SAP ACR be TDF`s demise?

In the ERP rumor mill, SAP TDF will be replaced by ACR. What exactly the difference is between the two SAP products, whether one is really replaced by the other, and what impact the development

Brazil flirts with double-dip recession as economy shrinks

“Brazil’s economy shrank in the first quarter for the first time since 2016, data showed on Thursday, underscoring a deepening malaise in Latin America’s largest economy and pushing it closer to a double-dip recession.”

US to impose five percent tariff on all Mexican goods

“US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will impose a tariff on all goods arriving from Mexico in response to what he called a “mass incursion” of migrants entering the country “illegally”.

Bill to weaken environmental protection of the Amazon forest fails in Brazilian congress

“Bolsonaro has worked to ease environmental controls to facilitate agriculture and mining in the country since he took office on Jan 1.”

Brazil’s anti-graft crusader struggles in Bolsonaro government

“Moro’s latest loss came Tuesday night when Brazil’s Congress trimmed his powers over a financial oversight body, the Council for Financial Activities Control. The body is an important tool that flags suspicious financial operations in

Colombia changes to the billing model for e-invoicing

With the UBL 2.1 e-invoicing mandate of the Colombian tax authority DIAN, the country switches from the reporting model to the billing model for the electronic invoicing on August 01, 2019. The transition period is

International capital inflow to Brazil exceeds forecasts

“The balance of payments deficit continues to be funded by strong capital inflows, central bank data showed. FDI in April nudged US$ 7 billion, up from US$ 6.8 billion in March. The central bank estimated

Bolsonaro begins to master negotiations with Congress with a timely victory

“Brazil’s Senate on Tuesday voted to approve right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s decree to revamp the executive branch, averting a potential crisis that had sown doubt about his ability to obtain the congressional backing he needs

Mexico freezes oil exec, steel accounts in corruption probe

“The federal Attorney General’s Office said in a statement late Tuesday that Ancira was arrested on an arrest order it had sought based on allegations that he defrauded the state-owned oil company.”

Argentina’s biggest union calls for anti-government strike

“Argentina’s biggest labor union on Tuesday called for a 24-hour national strike to protest the government’s austerity policies, heaping pressure on President Mauricio Macri as he battles against a biting recession and jittery markets.”