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Mexico: AMLO celebrates Senate vote to abolish the fuero

“Eliminating protection from prosecution for politicians moves a step closer.”

Brazil’s North-South Rail Auctioned For R$2.7 Billion

“Designed to be the backbone of Brazil’s rail transportation, the North-South Railroad was auctioned off this week, for R$2.719 billion. The winner, Rumo SA, obtained the concession use of a 1,537-kilometer transport network, from Estrela

Brazil: Government of Distristo Federal reduces ICMS tax to appease Big Business

Governor Ibaneza Rocha signed a Decree on Monday which reduces the ICMS rate in the Federal District (DF) to 3%. ICMS is levied on goods and services has previously been set at 5% in DF.

Argentina requests waiver ahead of IMF’s third review to further release funds

“The matter was “simply a question of availability of certain data” that was expected to be submitted as the IMF meeting had been postponed from its original date at the end of March, a spokesman

Brazil: Group 1 enters the last phase of eSocial

The SST (Segurança e Saúde do Trabalhador no Brasil) is a public system aimed at collecting information about the security and health of employees. In order to collect these onformation they have to be submitted

Sales of new cars in Argentina crash 50% in first quarter of the year

“Sales of new cars in Argentina collapsed by almost 50% in the first quarter of 2019, the Association of Automobile Dealers of Argentina (ACARA) said Monday. Sales fell by 49.5% in the year-on-year comparison, with

Deadlines for Rais Report 2018 ends April 5th, 2019

The deadline for submitting the annual Social Information Report (RAIS) 2018 ends on April 5th, 2019. Those who do not submit the report on time or incorrectly, risk fines ranging from R$ 425,64 until R$

Cancelling Special Economic Zones risks losing billions: private sector

“The private sector has spoken out against the possible elimination of the country’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs), warning that there is a risk of losing billions of dollars of investment. The previous federal government created

Brazil’s jobless rate rose for the second straight month and stands at 12.4%

“Brazil’s jobless rate rose in February for the second straight month, government data showed on Friday, adding to pressure on new President Jair Bolsonaro to reignite a sluggish economic recovery. Unemployment rose to 12.4% in

Brazil central bank cautious as outside shocks and domestic political tension mount

“Brazil’s central bank will take its time analyzing the economic impact from an increasing number of shocks from abroad and rising political tension at home that appear to be slowing the government’s reform process, its