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Brazil: Tinder for Jobs

Currently, the Brazilian government is working on measures to liberalize its economy. The article outlines what companies have to prepare for. Because of the  forecasts of a sinking GDP the Brazilian Ministry of Economy created

Brazil: 1200 businesses warned because of missing EFD Reports

The Ministry of Finance of Mato Grosse (SEFAZ-MT) reported 1.200 taxpayers that have not submitted their EFD reports between September and December of 2018. Because of the irregularities, about R$ 30 in ICMS revenues (tax

Argentine soybean farmers sign delayed-price contracts

“Soybean growers in Argentina are playing a waiting game, wagering on better prices ahead as the U.S. and China inch toward a trade deal and as nation’s currency keeps depreciating.”

Petrobras finally shows positive results and with strong growth prospects

“Petrobras has finally announced a positive annual result, five years after the Lava Jato corruption probe left the Brazilian state-controlled company with spiraling debts. The firm closed the year with a US$ 25.8bn net profit,

Brazilian economy picking up but employment remains flat

“Survey data showed a remarkable upswing in inflows of new work at Brazilian service providers, which suggests that the economy may be heating up,” said Pollyanna De Lima, Principal Economist at IHS Markit.”

Combative exchanges as Brazilian congress debates the pensions’ system reform

“Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes on Wednesday put up a vigorous defense of the government’s proposed pension reform, insisting it is critical to fixing the country’s “doomed” social security system but opening the door to

Analysts reduce their inflation forecast—and growth

“In the Bank of México (Banxico) March survey, analysts predicted GDP growth of just 1.56% this year, a 0.08% cut compared to their outlook in the February survey.”

Brazil posts lower trade surplus in March with a strong rise in imports

“Brazil posted a trade surplus of US$ 4.99 billion in March, the Economy Ministry said, significantly smaller than the same month a year ago thanks to a strong rise in imports. The trade surplus last

Brazil opens Israel trade mission in Jerusalem, short of full embassy move

“Brazil decided to create an office in Jerusalem to promote trade, investment, technology and innovation as a part of its embassy in Israel,” the Foreign Ministry in Brasilia said in a statement”

Mexico: Initial contracts have been signed for Maya Train project

“The route has also been extended to take in a port in Campeche.”