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Pressured by Peru’s President, Parliament Passes Anti-Corruption Reform Bill

“Among the political positions that will no longer be exempt from prosecution are judges from the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, Ministers, and even the President himself.”

“Final” Offer Made by Argentina to Creditors; Blackrock Is Reluctant to Agree

“The offer was submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and provides for the repayment of US$53.3 for every US$100 of debt incurred during Mauricio Macri’s term of office (2015-2019).”

Mexico: Virus still out of control, another lockdown will be required

“‘Stay-at-home’ measure seen as a failure because many people had no option but to continue working.”

Argentina: New reporting deadlines for transfer pricing reports

The Argentine Tax Authority (AFIP) published a general resolution on July 8, 2020 that extends the deadlines for transfer pricing reports for previous years. By extending the deadline, the tax authorities are trying to meet

Brazil: Separate COFINS regime for digital sector companies

Brazil has introduced a legislative proposal to introduce a separate COFINS tax system for legal entities in the digital economy (Draft Law No. 131/2020). COFINS (Contribuição Para O Financiamento Da Seguridade Social) is a social

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

“He said he is taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug that he, like President Donald Trump, has been promoting even though it has not been proven effective against COVID-19.”

Economists Release Manifesto for Post-Pandemic Brazilian Economic and Tax Reform

“In order to sidestep the polarization between so-called “developers” and “liberals”, the authors propose an agenda focused on increasing the efficiency of public policies.”

Trump and Lopez Obrador underline the outstanding relationship between the two countries

““Each of us was elected on the pledge to fight corruption, return power to the people and put the interests of our countries first,” he told Lopez Obrador, who was elected president in 2018. “I

Facebook Removes False Accounts Linked to Brazil’s Bolsonaro

“Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s head of cybersecurity policy, said in a statement that 73 Facebook and Instagram accounts, 14 pages and one group had been removed. Brazilian courts have been investigating the spread of false

Brazil: Access to the e-CAC Portal through Website

As of July 2, Brazil`s online financial services e-CAC Portal will receive yet another option to access the various virtual services of Brazil`s Federal Revenue RFB. In addition to the Access Code and the Digital