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Bolsonaro returns indigenous land claims to the Ministry of Agriculture

“The temporary decree once again removes decisions on the demarcation of reservation lands from the National Indigenous Affairs agency Funai and restores them to a ministry that is run by farming interests.”

Walmart to pay $282 million over foreign corruption charges

“U.S. authorities went after Walmart under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits American companies operating abroad from using bribery and other illegal methods.”

Ecuador says Cascabel could become a top world copper mine

“A preliminary study of the Cascabel mining project in northern Ecuador shows that it could become one of the world’s largest copper, silver and gold mines, Ecuador’s government said on Wednesday. “

Colombia: New company classification offers special opportunities for MSMEs

On 5 June 2019, Decree 957 was adopted in Colombia, which redefines the criteria for the classification of companies. According to the old system, the classification was made according to revenue only. The new system

Brazil Senate overturns Bolsonaro’s decree allowing arms for self defense

“The decree extended the right to carry weapons to lawyers, truck drivers, traffic police, public and private security guards, anyone living in rural areas and even journalists covering crime. It also raised the number of

Mexico Ratifies Trade Deal With the U.S. and Canada

“The accord, known as the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, was signed late last year by the leaders of the three countries. For it to go into effect, it has to be approved by the

Sao Paulo court accepts Odebrecht recovery procedure; debts amount to US$ 22.3bn

“The recovery process aims to find a viable way for a debtor to continue its operations while giving it time to restructure its debt.”

Brazilian pensions’ reform faces new challenges

“The Brazilian government’s plans to overhaul its pension system can still be saved if lawmakers reverse changes to transition rules and concessions to legislative aides, according to Economy Minister Paulo Guedes.”

AMLO asks Facebook’s Zuckerberg for help to expand internet coverage

“President López Obrador wants to connect the 20% who don’t have internet.”

Petrobras makes huge natural gas discovery in the Sergipe basin

“Newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo reported on Sunday that the find was the largest since the sub-salt discoveries in 2006, and that Petrobras could extract up to 20 million cubic meters of natural gas