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Polls: Fernández-Fernández headed for a first-round win in Argentina’s presidential elections

“The unexpected Peronist-Kirchnerist pairing is over ten points ahead of incumbent President Mauricio Macri and whomever he picks as his running mate, according to two polls sponsored by the center-left Página 12 newspaper, it was

Argentina government-controlled airline cancels Wednesday flights due to strike

“The cancellations, which include 330 domestic and international flights, will impact some 37,000 passengers, the airline said in a statement. “

Peru and Colombia call for more aid to help with Venezuelan migratory crisis

“Colombia and Peru have so far received the majority of the estimated over 3 million Venezuelan migrants who have fled their homeland since 2015 as the country’s economy has imploded. “

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia denounce decision on Amazon domain

“Amazon Inc has been seeking the exclusive rights to the .amazon domain name since 2012. But Amazon basin countries – including Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia – have argued it refers to their geographic region

Brazil sues tobacco companies to recover public health costs

“The suit filed Tuesday against Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco seeks to recuperate losses over the last five years for the treatment of 26 diseases with scientifically proven links to tobacco usage. It

US asked Mexico not to accept Chinese investment, form common front

“The United States asked the Mexican government and the private sector not to accept investment from China, especially that directed to strategic projects, President López Obrador’s chief of staff has revealed.”

Xi Jinping praises Sino-Brazilian partnership

“Xi also called on the two countries to make new contributions to the building of a new type of international relations and stressed that China supports Brazil’s prosperity and development. He also welcomed Brazil’s invilvement

Brazil’s Supreme Court leans in favor of LGBTQ rights

“Brazil’s Supreme Court Thursday hinted it would rule against discrimination based on sexuality or gender and that Congress had acted unconstitutionally by failing to include homophobia and transphobia within its anti-discrimination statutes, it was reported.”

The Costs of doing Taxes in Latin America

In OECD countries, it takes a company 159 hours on average to do the taxes. This number is more than doubled in Latin America with 330 hours. This equals 41 8-hour working days! Especially in

Argentina: Draft Law to promote the Construction Industry

Recently, President Mauricio Macri submitted a bill to the Argentine Congress to relieve and encourage the construction industry by reducing various taxes for two years. As part of a column, he explained the draft, its