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Ecuador sovereign bond holders form a committee to begin negotiations

“Ecuador has been buckling under its US$ 58 billion debt burden which has been worsened by the coronavirus crisis. President Lenin Moreno said in May the government would renegotiate its debt load, which would save

Foreign investment returns to Brazil in May, first since July 2019

“Brazil posted a net foreign exchange inflow of US$ 3.1 billion in May, central bank figures showed on Wednesday, its first net inflow since July last year. The figures showed a surplus of almost US$

Qatar Airways pledge of support sends Latam Airlines stock soaring

“Latam Airlines registered a significant rise Tuesday and Wednesday on the Santiago Stock Exchange, rising 37.63% and 16%, which is attributed to the support that its partner Qatar Airways, who owns 10% of the Chilean

AMLO waves starting flag to inaugurate Maya Train construction

“At a ceremony in the Quintana Roo municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, the president described the US $8-billion, 1,500-kilometer railroad as a historic and momentous project for the southeast of Mexico.”

Argentina extends debt negotiations deadline to 12 June: “adjustment margin remains thin”

“Argentina is assessing “additional adjustments” to its offer “with a view to maximizing investor support without compromising its debt sustainability goals” .

AMLO: Mexico has not fared poorly during coronavirus crisis

“He acknowledged that the peso dropped to a record low of more than 25 to the United States dollar in late March but highlighted that it was trading at 22.2 to the greenback on Friday.

Brazil’s plane manufacturer Embraer expects to obtain a US$ 600 million credit from government

“The bailout involving BNDES should be decided by the start of July, and Embraer could receive some US$400 million of that aid package.”

Good and bad signals for Argentina: bonds rise strongly, but two rating agencies slap “default”

“Over-the-counter bonds rose 3.8%, while country risk tightened 243 basis points to 2,535, amid negotiations to revamp US$ 65 billion in debt.”

Peruvian mining sector activity expected to fall by 15% this year

“Large-scale mining, which makes up 80% of Peru’s copper production, would not be fully up and running until early June, Victor Gobitz, general manager of mining company Buenaventura (BVN.N), said at a virtual news conference.”

Foreigners reduced holdings of Brazilian bonds: market turmoil and political uncertainty

“Non-residents reduced their holdings by 24.3 billion reais (US$ 4.6 billion) in April, bringing the total reduction so far this year to over 56 billion reais.”