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Ecuador: SRI implements new Tax Rules and Procedures

In Mid-February 2019, the Ecuadorian tax authority SRI issued new rules and procedures for the effective implementation of the common standard of information communication and due diligence for taxpayers though Resolution No. NAC-DGERCGC19-00000003. The Resolution

Ecuador ‘allows US military planes to use Galapagos island airfield’

“They will “fight drug trafficking” under a deal with Ecuador’s government, Mr Jarrin said.”

With consultation by a show of hands, AMLO cancels Durango transit project

“An impromptu show of hands at a rally to distribute social program funds has cancelled a multi-million-peso transportation project in Durango.”

Head of Brazil’s powerful Development bank resigns following clash with Bolsonaro

“The relationship between Levy and Bolsonaro had been strained for months over a variety of factors, including the slow pace of asset divestitures by the bank.”

Brazil scraps visas for tourists from US, Canada, Japan and Australia

“Effective June 17, tourists from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia will no longer need a visa to visit Brazil. Travellers with a valid passport will be able to explore Brazil for up to

Mexico: Complicated Complemento de Pagos

Since September 1st, companies in Mexico have to supplement specific invoices with the „Complemento  para recepción de Pagos“ when issuing it to the tax authority SAT.     What it is In Mexico, e-Invoicing is

Colombia: Changes to the Exógena Report

The Exógena Report (exogenous information) is a set of data on the operations carried out with customers or users. The report has to be submitted monthly or annually by natural persons or legal entities to

Colombian high court strips ex guerrilla leader of his congressional seat

“The State Council, the highest administrative court in Colombia, said it was stripping Marquez of his seat because he never took office and didn’t provide “just cause” for the move, court president Lucy Bermudez told

Argentine court upholds law banning mines

“On June 4, Argentina’s top court upheld a 2010 law banning large mines from operating near glaciers.”

Mexico’s migration chief offers resignation to president

“Mexico’s immigration chief presented his resignation to the president on Friday as the country embarks on a crackdown on irregular migration through its territory in response to US pressure.”