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Alejandro Toledo: Peru ex-president arrested in US

“Mr Toledo is accused of taking $20m in bribes from the Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht, during his time in office between 2001 and 2006.”

Brazil: PIS and COFINS-credits for automotive safety expenses

On June 27, 2019, Brazil`s Brazilian Federal Revenue Service RFB published the Consultation Solution No. 228  affecting cargo transportation services. In Brazil, companies that use or offer cargo transportation services are required by the National

Bolivia downplays risk of Brazil withdrawing from bioceanic railway project

“Dias García Côrtes highlighted the importance of this project because it will facilitate transport and trade through Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Paraguay.”

Argentina: The Minister of Defense will retire two senior officers for the ARA San Juan tragedy

“Aguad would retire the last two officers in activity that made up the chain of command when the tragedy at sea ended with the death of the 44 crew members of the submarine.”

Ecuador tribe wins legal battle over the Amazon

“A court in Ecuador has upheld a ruling that prevents the government from selling land in the Amazon rainforest to oil companies.”

Ex-finance secretary speaks out: Urzúa disagreed with airport, refinery decisions

“But electricity commission’s challenge of pipeline contracts was the final straw for Carlos Urzúa.”

Brazil: Confaz publishes 8 new ICMS Agreements

On July 10, 2019, Brazil`s National Council of Finance Policy (Confaz) published eight new agreements regarding the ICMS tax. Some of the amendments address all of Brazil, others just certain states. Content-wise, the changes contain

Brazil: ICMS – Taxation of Digital Goods

While digitization is the new buzzword everywhere, there is little certainty as to how to handle the process with view to taxation. With view to Brazil`s ICMS tax, this relates specifically to the sales of

Mexico expects US to ramp up deportations in coming days

“Mexican officials say they expect 1,807 Mexicans who have been issued final deportation orders in the U.S. to be returned to their country in the coming days.”

Harley-Davidson plans E-Motorcycle Release in Brazil in 2020

“The price of the LiveWire in Brazil will be around 120.000 Reais.”