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Brazilian government fires head of the country’s space research agency

“This happened President Jair Bolsonaro accused him of lying about rising levels of Amazonian destruction.”

Argentine judge suspends delivery apps, protect workers’ rights

“The digital platforms are helping people find jobs. But the work can be dangerous and many end up working for long hours for low income and few benefits.”

Brazil: New Standards for Special Customs Regimes Recof and Recof-Sped

Recently, Brazil`s Official Gazette published the Normative Instruction No. 1,904 of the Revenue Services Receita Federal do Brasil (RFB), which provides for special customs regimes for industrial warehouse under computerized control.   What are Recof

Brazil: Tax Rate on various Capital Goods reduced to 0%

On August 2nd, the new Ordinance 510 was published in the Official Gazette (DOU). It changes the rates of import tax levied on capital goods to zero percent by December 31, 2021.   Which goods

Brazil Reduces Tax Rate on Several Capital Goods to Zero

“Capital goods are machinery, tools, facilities, and other types of equipment used to manufacture consumer products.”

Argentina’s production of oil and gas goes up although Santa Cruz and Mendoza’s go down

“Official statistics show that during the first half of the year the province’s crude production fell 6.7% and reached its lowest level in the last decade. At a national level, on the other hand, there

Brazil agrees to review secret Itaipu deal that nearly cost Paraguay’s President Abdo his job

“The relationship with Paraguay is exceptional, we want to do justice on that issue” by reviewing the price of energy from the Itaipu dam’s binational plant, Bolsonaro was quoted as saying.”

S&P retained its ‘B’ rating for Argentine debt

“IMF approved a US$ 56 billion standby loan for Argentina to help the Macri administration implement a tough austerity program to stabilize the economy, and prepare for any financial emergency ahead of the coming October

Barrick Gold to invest 34 million dollars over two years on Argentina’s Veladero mine

“Bristow stressed that “the mine increased its production by 26,000 ounces in the second quarter of the year” and also noted that “in the last 14 years Veladero has contributed $ 8.9 billion to the

Cryptocurrency Transactions in Brazil Must Now be Reported to its Tax Authorities

“The measure applies to companies, individuals, and brokers using this financial transaction system.”