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Brazil’s Government Allocates Suspension of R$1.44 Billion in Expenditures

“The Ministry of Citizenship was the most affected, having seen R$619.166 million frozen. Education totaled R$348.471 million in suspensions.”

Finance secretary announces 485-billion-peso economic stimulus package

“Infrastructure projects and investment and consumption credits among the measures included.”

Brazil: Confaz published 26 new ICMS Conventions

On July 5th, 2019, Brazil`s National Council of Finance Policy (Confaz) decided to enter into 26 new agreements regarding specific sectors and goods as well as individual states.   Sectors affected by ICMS Changes Aviation:

Brazil: PIS and COFINS Tax on imported Goods

Imported products are subject to the PIS-imports and COFINS-imports tax which has to be paid by due by the company importing foreign goods or services from abroad.   What products and services trigger the Tax?

Paraguay will ask Brazil to leave without effect a controversial act on binational hydroelectric

“The dissemination of the document that was signed in May and established a timetable for the purchase of energy from the dam until 2022 generated questions from the opposition.”

China’s electric cars: Can they drive Chilean copper?

“Growing demand for battery storage and lithium could be a silver lining for Chile’s mining industry.”

Trump Praises Bolsonaro, Says He Wants Free Trade Deal With Brazil

“The United States Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, is in Brazil this week to promote the bilateral exchange.”

Peru confident on double digit growth in foreign tourism for 2020

“Vizcarra announced Sunday that his country expectes to welcome 4.8 million foreign tourists, 9% more than in 2018.”

EU warns Argentina and Brazil on credit agencies ratings regulations

“The European Commission will deem that Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina and Australia don’t regulate credit ratings agencies with the same rigor as the EU, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing a document. The decision

Chile’s navy confirms diesel oil spill in pristine Patagonia

“Chile’s navy on Sunday confirmed the spillage of 40,000 liters of diesel oil into the sea in a remote and pristine area of the South American country’s Patagonia and said it is working to mitigate